Our Company under its registered Trade name BALIN Ltd. for over 25 years is engaged in the design and assembling Office Chairs and Furniture, based on Ergonomic standards and in many occasions tailored made chairs in order to meet specific requirements.

It is worth at this stage to mention Mr. Quettet, a Belgian Mathematician, as the pioneer of basic Anthropometric-Ergonomic recommendations for Office chairs in 1870.

Through implementation of his recommendations was a difficult process depending upon Sex, Age and (ethnical) Origin, they however positively contributed to the present requirements and daily functional problems.

With regard to Office Chair's design that remained undeveloped for thousand years for reasons already referred above, with the extensive use of PC, TV and Web surfing we hasten to advice our prospective Customers of the dangers and provide adequate tools to limit eventual damages that may arise from the misuse of the New Technology.

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