Since we have decided, 25 years ago, to get into the manufacturing field of activities, we felt compelled to ensure
and replacement Parts for all type of Chairs produced for a least the
as per the respective Guarantee Card that accompanies each and every chair sold for.
Besides, underneath each and every chair there is a label affixed, with the type of Chair and coded Technical data including upholstery as well as the date of manufacture and other details for future reference.
Without limiting our interest into the above outlined activities, we provide our Services and Repair facilities to other products -not manufactured and/or sold by us- a gesture that cteates confidence
and long lasting cooperation with each and every customer.


While every care is being taken at all manufacturing stages of our products, it is possible that certain part of parts of "BALIN" Office chairs - furniture may fail other than those subjected to usual wear and tear.

In this event, we undertake to replace those defective part or parts at our Works free of change for a period of three years from date of sale, in accordance of Terms and Conditions contained overleaf and constitute integral part of this warranty.


Each seat has its own label with the following data:
1. Accession Number of production
2. Type of seat
3. Code of fabrics
4. Date of manifacture
5. Number of order
6. Technician's signature & stamp
Operating Mechanisms , Attachments and all the parts of "ΒΑLΙΝ" seats are garanteed by Quality Certified according to ISO 9000, 9001.


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